007 Quantum of Solace [A recycled clock model?]

So, here we have a game clock that I found in 007 – Quantum of Solace, developed by Treyarch.

No then, some of you may know of this company from developing some of the titles in the ‘Call of Duty’ series [Of which I have already covered, being Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 3].

Anyway, here is the clock

007 quantum 1


Hold on a sec….

Let’s just cast our minds back to Call of Duty 3


They RECYCLED the same clock model. They used it in Call of Duty 3 and reused it in 007 Quantum of Solace.

I’ll be looking out for this in the future!

InFamous 2 – Just the one solitary clock [for now]

It’s been too long since I posted. Need more regular updates so whilst I’ve got a few moments I’ll leave this right here….

infamous 2

This is the clock face from the clock tower in New Marais from inFamous 2.

Really nice bold numerals, large hands. Good detailing around the outside too. I think it’s cool that you can climb right up to it and see it close up.

I’m sure there are more, I just didnt see them


More clocks to come

The Evil Within 1 & 2

Even survival horror games have clocks!

So, it’s time to delve into the excellent ‘The Evil Within’ series, from Tango gameworks and Bethesda softworks. At times, it feels like a spiritual successor to Resident Evil, and naturally, that would be a safe judgement to make. Same director.

Thoroughly enjoyed playing through this creep fest. Great stories and atmosphere.

Enough exposition… let’s look at some game clocks!


The Evil Within [2014]

So, we enter the deranged world of Beacon View hospital. A couple of clocks here

First up, the grandfather clock by the save station.

The joys of PS4 share. Really nice detail here, good clock model, correct numerals, clock face details, nicely shaped hands. This is a good one. It also ticks, which you can hear in game.

The Evil Within_20180828222948
Flouts the happy clock rule, but a nice example

Next is the bog standard wall clock. I like this clock model Nice hands, good weathered effect render. This is the go to standard wall clock model which you will see multiple times in the game

The Evil Within_20180903231808
Standard wall clock model seen throughout the game

Here it is again, from a different angle. Notice they all show the same time. No happy clocks here

The Evil Within_20180908215405
Always shows 5.40

Now another grandfather clocks. Much smaller than the one by the save point, but just as detailed. The game just does clocks so well [and if you like these, wait till you see the ones in the sequel]

The Evil Within_20180911221334

We finish off The Evil Within 1 with another wall clock, that has been binned. Showing they don’t just appear on the walls in the game. They’re everywhere

The Evil Within_20180923220128


The Evil Within 2 [2017]

The sequel the first game deserved. Same great gameplay, better graphics. More monsters. Better clocks.

We start our adventure in the office of Sebastian Castellanos.

The Evil Within® 2_20181004215306Such a clear, detailed and large wall clock, let’s take a closer look

The Evil Within® 2_20181004215420
13 minutes to 6

The detail though. Look at it. Weathered face, proportionately sized hands, nice chunky numbers in a rich font. It even has half seconds running around the edge. This is probably the most detailed wall clocks I had seen so far in a game at this point.

But now.. mantle clocks

The Evil Within® 2_20181004222535
cheeky mantle clock is watching from atop a bookshelf

Let us have a closer look.

The Evil Within® 2_20181006223313

A bit more of a background set piece is what we find in this clock model. Nice design, shapely clock face. We get some numerals, but it’s too blurry to make out the actualy numbers. I’m guessing the correct ones have not been used, as this is only background filler.

Now, gather around. I have some wall clocks to show you.

The Evil Within® 2_20181007224638

I love the attention to detail. This game has my favourite clocks. Classic clock model, pendulum details, the centre of the face has what looks like engraved detailing. Oh and the numerals are undeniably on point. You can even see the key holes for winding it. Bravo Tango, bravo.

I’ll show it from afar as a wall clock. Nice.

The Evil Within® 2_20181009224531

Last but not least. Mantle clock time

The Evil Within® 2_20181019215154Basic mantle clock model. Lines for numerals. Thin pixelated hands, but I like the design. The pendulum is unusual and the overall design isn’t like anything Ive seen before. Hats off for variation.

That’s all for The Evil Within – some really nice example of clocks in these games.

Bethesda/Tango – If you’re reading.. The Evil Within 3, if you please.

Call of Duty 1, 2 and 3

So I started playing Call of Duty years after it’s first release.

First play through too. Medal of Honour is all but done, and I needed some WW2 shooting action

Here are the game clocks I found

Call of Duty – Finest Hour


Kicking off with this clock over a set of station doors. A bit pixelated and doesn’t show correct numerals due to its poor rendering, but to be fair, it’s back ground on a PS2 game, so my expectations aren’t that high.


Then we have.. this….


I mean, look at this. Its so poorly rendered. It isn’t close to be round, it’s blurry and pixelated. It’s just horrible. I know it’s background but, urgh.

This sprite appears a lot, but fro m a distance, it looks a little better.callofdutyfh4

Starship enterprise – the gun



Finally…. an actual clock, with numbers. Virtue.

A nice example of a PS2 rendered clock. We have numbers AND it shows the actual time of game play, synced to the internal clock! Not bad for a background object.

Call of Duty 2 – Big Red One

What a game this is. Haven’t had this much fun in a WW2 shooter since MOH Frontline. A great story of the Big Red One.

But, I only saw one clock sprite in this game. It’s not pretty…..





It’s horrible. SO POORLY RENDERED. It hasn’t even got any hands. If it has, I cant see them.

Let’s move on.

Call of Duty 3

Ahhh, that’s better.

call of duty 3 - 1

Okay, so I know we’ve stepped up to the Playstation 3 version, but there’s some nice detail in this grandfather clock.

We have correct numerals, hands.. it’s just a nice clock.

call of duty 3 - 2

Oh and a mantle clock.  Big fan of this one. Look at that wood grain too! Nice hands too, the hour and minute hand are stylised differently and we even get a minute hand too.

I still have to get through all the other Call of Duty titles. Hoping to see more clocks!



Game Clock Special Feature – Clocks in video games based on cartoons.

So, I have compiled all the clocks I have seen in video games based on cartoons so far.

Instead of posting them one after another, here they are, all together in one place

The Simpsons Hit and Run

It’s The Simpsons, but in GTA parody style. But seriously, this is probably one of the best Simpsons games around.

simpsons hit and run

Not a lot to say here. I didn’t spot any other clocks in the game apart from this one in Springfield Elementary. It clear has numbers but it is obscured with a piece of paper that is stuck over it. Not the greatest clock Ive ever stumbled across.

The Simpsons Game

That Simpsons game that itself is a parody of video games. It’s ace, go and play it!

Here are the clocks I found, plus one that doesn’t count, and Ill explain why.


Here we have a nice grandfather clock model, with a pixelated clock face. Hardly surprising no real detail is here, because it acts as a basic background object. Why would anyone take the time to look at it closer?….


Next up is the clock on the wall in the Simpson’s kitchen, as seen on the TV show. Not a lot to say about this one really


Mantle clock, anyone? Again, this clock is there as generic background filler, but, it is quite stylish for a small background object. Digits are missing.


…and finally from The Simpsons Game, a billboard with a PICTURE of a clock. I really wanted this to be included, but, it isn’t actually a clock, it’s a picture of a clock in a game, so, it doesn’t count. Thought it would be interesting to show it anyway.

The Futurama Game

Do you know something? I think this game is criminally under rated. It’s great fun, features everyone’s favourite characters from thew show and has a few different styles of gameplay. As a Futurama fan, I’d love to see more Futurama games, but hey ho.

I found 1 Clock


It’s on the wall in a ruined bar in Old New York. Not a great example of a clock. It’s low poly, it’s not rounded very well and the digits are blurry, BUT, it’s there never the less.

Family Guy – The Video Game

Again, another game which I really enjoyed, but critics didn’t. I felt it was a great adaptation of the show into video game format, with cut aways, great humour and varied gameplay.

1 Clock from inside the police station, where you play as Brain disguised as a lamp.


I’m going to be fair to the developers here. I’ve zoomed in on this one, as it is a small background clock that doesnt need to be detailed. However, we are given each 15 minute interval on the clock, so fair play for tht little attention to detail.

Family Guy – Back to the Multiverse

I love this game. It;s funny, great third person gameplay where you can play as Brian, with standard weapons, or Stewie, with Sci-Fi weapons.

There will be clocks I’ve missed. I spotted one in the ‘Assassinate mayor McCheese’ stage. I’ not going to explain what that is, it’s borderline offensive. Here’s the clock.

fam guy back to multiverse

Doesn’t get anymore basic than that. Nice rectangular clock with flat cell shaded clock graphics drawn on. Probably not even meant to be noticed.

There you have it, a few clocks from games based on cartoons. I bet there are more. If you find any, comment and they may be included in another edition.




Wolfenstein – The New Order

So, here are some clocks from the excellent Wolfenstein – The New Order. One of the greats in the FPS genre.

Deep story, great characters, fun gameplay with its fair share of gore. However, there are clocks. That’s what we’re all here for, right?

(The beauty of Playstation share – screenshots!)

The first is a standard wall clock in the mental hospital. Numerals are shown correctly, good details, even down to the wire that runs down the wall to power it. But I’d expect this level of detail from MachineGames.

wolfenstein tno - 2

Next up, it’s the jackpot…..

wolfenstein tno - 1

We have 8 clocks on the wall here, which I presume is representing different time zones. All ever so slightly different. Some with roman numerals and other with digits. Really nicely detailed clocks here. For a clock spotter like me, this was the money load

So finally, and yes, it does count as a clock.

wolfenstein - tno big ben

We can see Big Ben, right after a crash land in London. What else can I possibly say about this one that you haven’t seen or don’t know already? It’s a good rendering of the capitals iconic clock.

I’m sure there are more clocks I’ve missed, but the majority of the clock sprites are shown on the wall in the hideout showing all the localised times.

In the mean time, keep on clocking!


A pair of clocks from the fantastic shoot em up, WET.

So in between shooting bad guys, jumping around in slow mo and slicing people with machetes, I managed to spot a few clocks in WET. Always wanted a sequel for this game. To date, we never got one.

Anyway, on with the clocks

Love a good 70s chic clock, right?

wet 2

Here we see our bad-ass protagonist Ruby, standing infront of the some groovy wallpaper and a delightfully 70s styled clock, shown of the time of 10.10 HCR applied too.

The outer cirlces are a little 2D but nice sharp hands. Nicely detailed for a background object

Then we’re back to the good ol’ standard wall clock.

wet 1

Cant make out the numerals but this clock also adheres to the HCR [happy clock rule].

Not as detailed as the 70s clock but a nicely designed piece of background